Cathay Accounting is part of Cathay Group’s global network of accounting, finance, legal, tax and investment advisory professionals with branches in over 40 countries worldwide, with a strong focus on China. Working with us relieves you from the burden of having to manage multiple teams or a variety of 3rd party subcontractors, allowing you to enter new markets in a cost efficient, consistent and timely manner.

Cathay Accounting is more than just an accounting and payroll company. We are an international hub providing a full range of services, with a dedicated team of professionals focused on tailor-made solutions.

Accounting, payroll and financial reporting being our main services, we act as your partner in cross-border ventures. Should you wish to outsource your financial support processes in your international business dealings, we are here to help you with all-around, customized and continuous service.


Cathay Accounting is an international network of accounting and financial experts worldwide.  Created by Cathay Group, Cathay Accounting provides accounting, payroll and financial reporting services as part of a rapidly expanding network of advisors in 43 countries across 5 continents so far. Our global presence guarantees an unprecedented oversight and a deep understanding of relevant domestic and international legislation, regulations, procedures, as well as trends pertaining to the continuously and dynamically evolving world of finances and accounting.

Based on the knowledge and experience of our global team, we empower our clients, and enable them to realize their innovative ideas and bold plans, accompanying them every step of the way.  Our accounting experts have a proven track record in identifying the most cost efficient solutions tailored to clients’ needs, navigating seamlessly in the local legal and policy environment.

Another key advantage of Cathay Accounting is our global networking potential assisting our clients in strengthening their international trade relations and contributing to the success of their business.


Whether home or abroad, keeping control of accounting obligations requires the professional services of experienced accountants. In each country, we have local teams dedicated to helping you comply with domestic reporting requirements. We act as your extended accounting department; helping you to stay on top of the reporting and regulation risks often presented by international business ventures. We offer a range of accounting related services available in a consistent and centrally co-ordinated manner across all your locations.


Throughout your international business endeavors, our local teams help you gain insight into relevant legislation and practices that can be significantly different from your primary business location’s domestic rules. We provide a localized system, making you compliant with local regulatory standards and making sure your accounting functions operate efficiently abroad.


Relying on our knowledge of the local business environment in the country of your operation, we can help you streamline your payroll processes in full compliance with domestic tax, accounting and business regulations. We are here to help you with a full range of payroll services from deducting taxes and other withholdings from earnings through providing a direct deposit to your employees’ bank account, to the precise administration of your company’s employee records.


We can help your entities become and remain compliant with domestic and international financial regulations and policies that can differ considerably across borders. Using our in-country experts, you can stay on top of regulatory changes through having access to a team of qualified accountants with a continuously updated knowledge of local policies.



As part of the global Cathay Group providing legal, tax, accounting, investment advisory and other services through a continuously expanding network of advisors in 43 countries, Cathay Accounting is in the position to directly assist you with a wide range of business solutions in those countries. We take care of our customers and all their global, regional or local requirements in the world business and finances. Wherever you are, there is a Cathay Group local office nearby that can offer specialized services and consulting. We also collaborate with local partners through our domestic legal or advisory chapters.

In various countries and regions around the world, we enjoy a reputation for creating and managing mutually beneficial multilateral business connections in an innovative and dependable manner.

We are proud to be capable of building bridges that arch over massive distances physically and figuratively speaking, whilst establishing and cultivating bonds that could not exist without our expertise. Please search your nearest Cathay location on the below world map and connect with us.